Typo in “People of the Seventh Month” by Mint Hong

Felt I should inform everyone of a pretty big editing mistake we made. We forgot to include the following three sentences (here presented in italics) in the original Mandarin version of Hong Simin’s “People of the Seventh Month”, aka < <七月人>>:


“我觉得阿伟喜欢你。” 丽丽淡淡地说。

“有一点吧。”阿珍叹了口气说。丽丽没作声。“谁喜欢我不重要,重要的是我喜欢谁。” 阿珍边说边搭着丽丽的肩膀走向电梯。

“你啊,你啊,跑歌台后特别会说话!” 两人的笑声顿时划破了组屋底层的宁静。



Bookstore Launch of GASPP, Sunday 21 Nov, 3pm

Since a lot of folks couldn’t make our last launch at Play, we’re having an additional launch in an actual bookstore space.

Sun 21 Nov
3-4pm, Birds & Co, Orchard Cineleisure #03-05A


If you haven’t heard of Birds & Co, it’s ‘cos it’s BooksActually’s new outlet in the shopping centre district of Singapore. Ours will be the first book event to be held there! We’re expecting to feature readings with Ovidia Yu, X’Ho, Lee Yew Leong and Cyril Wong.

(This post is being bumped up from Nov 3.)

Two events involving our poets

I’m putting the names of contributors to GASPP in bold

1. Firstfruits Launch 2010: Layang-Layang

Firstfruits Publications is proud to present its biggest book launch to date. The nine titles to be launched are:

– The Stamp Collector’s Wife by Grace Chua
– They hear salt crystallising by Teng Qian Xi [our translator for one piece]
– oneiros by Cyril Wong
– Life~Science by Eleanor Wong
86 Benevolent Street by Mika G. Yamaji
– From within the Marrow by Yong Shu Hoong
– Layang-Layang, a new literary journal
– Zhong Tu Bao Tai (Burst Tyre) by Chui Wei-Li
– Jian Qiao Shi Xue (Cambridge Poetics) by Tan Chee Lay

Note: There will also be a signing session by the authors after the readings. For more information about the event, please email events@firstfruitspublications.com

Date: Saturday, November 6
Time: 7.30pm-10.30pm
Venue: The Salon, National Museum of Singapore, 93 Stamford Road
Admission: Free

2. Making It New: Four Young Poets on the State of the Art
@ Imagination Room, L5, NLB, 13 Nov 10, 1.00pm

What does it mean to create “Singapore literature” in the 21st century? How do local poets taking up the art today locate themselves in relation to their predecessors and to the larger world? Join four young poets – Grace Chua, Koh Xin Tian, Teng Qian Xi and Zhuang Yusa – as they tackle these and other vital questions while relating their thoughts to their own poetic practice. The event, facilitated by Nicholas Liu, will include readings of poems by each of the writers, a panel discussion and a Q&A session. This session is presented in collaboration between NBDCS and NLB.
Admission is FREE. As places are limited, please register at http://golibrary.nlb.gov.sg

Trevvy has given us coverage!

… sorta. Check out this very weird photo of me (and the book) over here.

By the way, stay tuned for news about our second launch, in an honest-to-goodness *bookstore*…